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SmartChat: Secure chat for control room, broadband smartphones and TETRA

SmartChat is an advanced Chat Messaging solution to enhance productivity across public safety and business critical teams that use a mix of Smartphone, desktop and TETRA Devices.

SmartChat allows connectivity over broadband / intranet networks for all users to keep connected but also allows TETRA radio users to connect and communicate critical information via their TETRA devices

The following section provides a list of SmartChat features and functionality.

Public Safety special features


Communicate efficiently with both broadband and office users and TETRA radio users.

Sending and receiving SDS text messages from and to Tetra radios and sending text and photo to TETRA radios.

Chat rooms can be configured to support sending SDS messages to specific TETRA radios and TETRA talk groups. You can send messages to TETRA from all clients including broadband and web.

Individual messages can be selected from room and sent to Tetra. Chat rooms can also be configured to send all messages automatically to TETRA radios.

TETRA radios can also reply to these SDS messages sent from SmartChat. The reply will go into the same chat room that the messages were sent from. When initiating the chat from Tetra radio by sending SDS chat message to SmartChat, the messages will go to #general by default.

TETRA radios can also receive photos posted into the chat room. Sending image with text to TETRA radios SmartChat supports all Sepura, Airbus and Motorola TETRA radios.

Location with every message

Configurable location data sending from supported clients. SmartChat can automatically add the location coordinates to each message. The user may control the location reporting in their own personal settings.

Multi-OS and device support

SmartChat can be installed on a server with Windows 2016 Server or later, Windows 10 Pro, CentOS or RedHat Linux. RedHat and Windows licenses are paid by customer or agreed separately.

SmartChat supports all major client devices:

SmartChat multinetwork diagram

SmartChat connects to multiple networks and connects all users to the same messaging solution


SmartChat is installed by default self-hosted, i.e. inside your own IT environment. You own and control your data. SmartChat can be also installed in cloud if needed.

Secure Smartphone Notifications

Smartphone cloud-independent notifications. SmartChat supports notifications that are sent using proprietary notification mechanism that is independent of Google or Apple notifications and works completely within your own secure network

Secure connectivity

All broadband client-server communications are secured using industry standard TLS and https. Security is on by default.

User authentication for organizations

SmartChat can use LDAP (e.g. Microsoft Active Directory) for user authentication. You can also manage SmartChat users using SmartChat.

Messaging features

Unlimited Chat rooms

SmartChat supports unlimited number of chat rooms that can be restricted as per user basis if needed (private chat rooms), public chat rooms, one-to-one and multiuser chat rooms are supported as well as multiuser private chats.

File and Photo Attachments

SmartChat supports most file formats as attachments. Photos will be displayed with the messages. You can take photos with your smartphone camera easily. The files can be selected freely using supported clients. There is a configurable size limit option.

Video Messages

SmartChat supports Video Messages. The Video messages can be recorded from the supported clients directly, or attached as video clips.

Voice Messages

SmartChat supports Voice Messages. Voice messages can be recorded from the supported clients directly or attached as audio clips.

Off-Line email notifications

If the user is offline the messages can be sent optionally via email to make sure the information reaches the user.

User Roles and Permissions

SmartChat supports fine-grained predefined and freely definable user roles and access rights, so you can manage user rights

Favourite Channels

Possibility to tag own favourite channels.

Custom user Statuses

Predefined and Custom user Statuses.

Email integration

Email integration to send emails for example when users are offline.

GUI customization

End user GUI customization, covering icons, colours, sounds, fonts, and localization.

SmartChat is available in multiple user interface languages.

User profiles

Each User profile can have an Avatar, contact details and other information.


Extensive search capability from chat rooms and messages.

Public Channels

Public channels act as a base for all channel types. Use channels for conversations that are open to your entire team. Anyone on your team can join a public channel.

Private Groups

Private groups are closed channels. They are visible only to their members. Use private groups for subjects that are sensitive, confidential, or limited to a small group of team members.

Direct Messages

Direct messages (DMs) are a private 1-on-1 conversation between team members. They can be sent to any user on your server. There is also a feature that allows you to chat with multiple users inside a DM.


When someone mentions you with @username, @all or @here, a symbol or a number will appear alongside the channel name. When mentioned, an @ symbol appears next to your name. If someone mentions @all or @here a notification will be sent to the relevant users.


SmartChat supports person to person discussions, person to multiple persons discussions

Reply in Thread

Possibility to reply to any message using discussion threads.

Message Actions

Text formatting

You can easily use Bold, italic, strikethrough, inline code and link formatting to format content to hightlight information.

You can use standard Emoji characters in reactions and messages.

Advanced features

Integrates with Locate Server (option)

Integrates with Locate Server enabling the location data handling enabling the locations sent by SmartChat mobile clients to be inserted into the history database. Predefined reporting intervals can be configured in user account preferences.

Integrates with SmartView (option)

Integrates with SmartView enabling the locations sent by SmartChat mobile clients to be visible on the map

Integrates with TETRA networks

SmartChat can connect to the TETRA network with either a PEI modem TETRA radio or a direct connection to the TETRA network SDS interface.

A modem connection provides a flexible and cost-effective approach for smaller deployments.

For larger deployments SmartChat can connect direct to the TETRA network through a network vendor specific gateway which are available for major TETRA network vendors.

Integrations (option)

SmartChat supports Integrations with other systems using Bots and Webhooks. When SmartChat is installed within your secure network, you can integrate securely with your own IT systems. Implementation of integrations provided separately if needed.

Federation support

You can connect multiple SmartChat servers together for e.g. a multi-organisation messaging solution, providing both security for each organisation and ability to communicate across organisations.

Custom and future features (option)

SmartChat is being actively developed meaning new features will be added from time to time. Please contact us if you are interested in additional custom or special features

Minimum server requirements

PC server with 16GB memory and 512GB SSD disk. Windows 10, Windows 2016 Server, RedHat Enterprise Linux 7 or later.