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Portalify apps and solutions work with all major TETRA vendor networks and terminals

Portalify applications and solutions work on TETRA and broadband networks and terminals. This provides access to Portalify apps from every environment and in every situation.

With the multivendor TETRA network and terminal support, Portalify solutions enable integrations from mobile networks to IT systems and control rooms for practically all TETRA users, on any TETRA network, using any vendor TETRA radios.

TETRA radio feature support

Portalify apps support all standard TETRA data features, including

In addition Portalify apps support many additional features found on competitive TETRA vendor's radios (terminals), including

This means you can deploy Portalify applications on networks using a mix of radios, enabling applications for large nationwide TETRA networks and supporting different user groups using different radios.

TETRA network connectivity

Portalify applications can connect to various TETRA vendor networks with a direct line IP network connection, including

This means that Portalify apps can connect efficiently and securely to the TETRA network in a suitable way for any apps deployment, from small to nationwide large solutions.

Portalify has applications in production on multiple large TETRA networks.

Portalify is an application partner with multiple TETRA vendors.

Broadband networks and smartphones

Portalify apps also support broadband networks and terminals such as smartphones, providing a full TETRA and broadband apps and data solution.

This means Portalify can solve your data needs with TETRA and/or broadband networks and terminals to suit your needs today and in the future.

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