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Locate Server: Carrier-grade location tracking for TETRA and broadband

Portalify Locate Server provides location tracking, AVL (Automatic Vehicle Location) and APL (Automatic Person Location) for public safety users.

Locate Server supports installations from small to nationwide operator-grade deployments.

Use a single solution to track both TETRA and Broadband devices — supports migration from TETRA to broadband

Locate Server can provide location to multiple back-end applications thru industry standard OMA/MLP API.

Locate Server can provide a centralized location solution up to large nationwide deployments for public safety operators

Locate server is scalable to large networks, up to nationwide operator installations.

Locate server supports high availability and clustering for performance.

Locate Server is future proof from TETRA to broadband to 3GPP/5G/MCX.

Locate Server has many advanced features including

Portalify Locate Server has been delivered to several nationwide operators and projects for TETRA and broadband location tracking.