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SMS to 112 and AML: Messaging and Automatic Mobile Location for emergency call centers

Portalify can provide SMS and location solutions for emergency call rooms (PSAP public safety access points).

Portalify has provided SMS messaging and AML location in a nationwide delivery in Europe, with connections to multiple mobile operators and more than 10 regional control rooms.

The Portalify AML solution was one of the first AML solutions deployed in production in Europe and has a proven long-time track record.

Portalify 112 SMS and AML can be deployed without changing anything in the control room, or it can be integrated with the control room systems. This means a quick deployment is possible with future options to integrate with various back-end systems.

SMS to the call centre

Portalify SMS messaging solution connects commercial mobile operators to the control room and supports conversations, alarms if responses are not send quickly enough, and easy integration in the control room using e.g. email.

Portalify system can use caller location services to direct the messages to a regional control room based on the caller's location.

AML (Automatic Mobile Location)

With AML practically all emergency calls from iOS and Android smartphones will automatically provide the users location to the control room. The phone will automatically send an SMS location message when an emergency call is initiated.

Portalify AML solution can receive the AML messages from mobile operators, process the content, and send the information to the call center systems.

Portalify AML is able to map the users location to a regional control room based on geofencing the user location. This allows Portalify AML to be used in countries where you have multiple regional control rooms.

Minimum server requirements

PC, RedHat 7 or CentOS 7 or later, Windows 10 or Windows Server 2016 or later, 8GB memory, 256GB SSD disk.