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Unlock the full potential of your Damm TETRA network with applications and data solutions! Watch webinar recording.

Portalify, part of Northcom, presents a wide range of TETRA applications already trusted by numerous public safety and business users. Our tools include indoor and GPS location tracking, chat messaging, database access, field reporting, alerting, and much more. Experience increased efficiency and safety in your work environment.

Portalify applications are now available for Damm TETRA networks, supporting direct integration through the Damm TetraFlex API connection to the network. Portalify applications are future-proof, seamlessly compatible with both TETRA and broadband smartphones.

Watch the recording of the webinar (30 minutes):

Discover the full data capabilities of your Damm TETRA as we showcase real-life examples of TETRA applications and their benefits. Gain insights into integrating your Damm TETRA network with your existing IT systems and explore the integration capabilities of Portalify applications. Get answers to your questions in the Q&A session.

Don't miss this opportunity to harness the power of data and applications for your operations with Damm TETRA.

Register now and start your journey of enhanced productivity and efficiency.

The webinar will be held in english.

Learn more about Portalify Damm TETRA connectivity, more details of Portalify's multivendor TETRA support and the benefits of TETRA data and applications at www.portalify.com.

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