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Portalify adds Damm TETRA network connectivity

Portalify has released the Damm TETRA network gateway, which means we can connect all Portalify applications to Damm TETRA networks directly with IP ethernet connection.

Line connection with a TETRA networks provides reliable and high capacity connectivity for applications.

Portalify has direct line connectivity to all major TETRA network vendors, including Motorola, Airbus, Teltronic and Damm. All TETRA networks can be supported for smaller deployments with a radio modem PEI connection.

This means Portalify applications can be efficiently deployed on TETRA networks, from large national networks with tens of thousands of active users to small private networks.

Portalify also supports broadband networks and Portalify applications work on both TETRA and broadband, providing you with full application solution capability for today and tomorrow!

Learn more about the benefits of TETRA data and applications at www.portalify.com and see more details of Portalify's multivendor TETRA support.

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