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Offshore Wind Farm User Safety

Case Study


Offshore wind farms are high-risk workplaces, and it is critical to know the location of every worker for safety reasons. Many wind farms use TETRA radios for their excellent ruggedness and reliability.

User needs

One key safety solution needed is to track user location to know at all times where staff is, off-shore, on ship, on helicopter, on windmill, on ship or back on-shore.

The solution should work on an existing device the users carry with them for critical voice communications, to realize savings by not having to have expensive active equipment at each location for user tracking.


Portalify provided a solution that combines location tracking (both GPS outdoor location and indoor GPS location) and user logon to identify which worker is using which radio on any day.

The tracking is implemented with TETRA radios and battery powered Bluetooth beacons which are easy to install in the necessary locations.

The solution provides situational awareness for the wind farm on-shore control room.

  1. Users log in to the TETRA radio with their employee ID at the beginning of with work shift.
  2. The Portalify solution tracks the radios indoors in the office, at the ships, and wind turbines with Bluetooth beacon-based indoor location and outdoor with GPS location, showing the user's location.
  3. At the end of the shift, users return the radio to the radio room, and the radio automatically logs the user off.

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