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Automatic mobile location (AML) and SMS texting to the emergency call centre

Case Study

AML: Location revolution for emergency calls

Emergency call centres (112, 911, 999) can get location from smartphones automatically when people call the emergency numbers using the AML (Automatic Mobile Location) feature of recent Android and iOS smartphones.

AML will typically send the users GPS location some seconds after the emmergency call is started. AML does not require pre-installing any app or any other preparation from the user.

For the emergency call centre (PSAP, Public Safety Access Point) getting precise automatic location information for most of the emergency calls is a huge leap forward, as often the callers are not able to provide good location information or address.

Emergency call centres usually see 85%-90% of telephone calls include AML location. Help can get to the caller's location quicker saving lives.

Texting to the control room

For many people including disabled people and people in situations where they can not talk, being able to contact the emergency call centre with texting (SMS) enables emergency services to reach them even if they can not talk.

Providing two-way SMS texting access to the emergency call centre provides the service to more people and more situations.


Portalify 112 has been deployed nationwide in one of the first countries to enable AML location in Europe, and has been verified to work with both Android and iOS, and handles many tens of thousands of locations for emergency calls every week.

Portalify's 112 application solution provides all these features and more, including:

See more information on the Portalify 112 product page.

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