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Bridging Mobile & IT Worlds

Our mobile gateway platform connects your field users to your control room operators by providing essential connectivity between mobile devices and backend IT infrastructure, including command & control systems, legacy software, databases, intranets and web-based applications.

Supporting Multiple Technologies
With our multi-network solution, your information can be rapidly disseminated to the point of need over major digital technologies, including Private Mobile Radio (TETRA and DMR) and Commercial (LTE, 3G, GPRS and Satellite) bearers. In the case of TETRA, all major vendor networks and terminals are supported.

Creating Device Options
By supporting multiple wireless operating systems, Portalify's software platform securely delivers information on wide-ranging devices, meeting the critical need for multi-form factor hardware options (e.g., tablet PCs, mobile data terminals, smartphones, PDAs, mobile and terminals) in support of diverse field worker requirements.

Providing Accessible Information
Our connectivity platform fulfils the receipt, transfer, management and storage of your complete two-way information between field & back-office. All of your information is accessible from all sources in the field and control room, enabling appropriate transfer of images, location and textual information to relevant users and applications.

Enabling Mobile Business Logic
Easily configurable mobile business logic ensures the creation of services and applications that fully satisfy your specific needs, without the need to modify any of your existing applications and systems, thereby increasing cost-effectiveness and reducing the need to recall devices from the field for costly maintenance & support.

Promoting High Resilience
As a mature and highly resilient product that has been successfully deployed in the field on nationwide, regional and local scale across many countries for over a decade, our connectivity solutions currently support several hundreds of thousands of users.