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Meeting diverse user needs
Portalify's suite of applications enable you to take full advantage of real-time information available from the field and back-office, including picture, location and textual information delivered and managed by Portalify's connectivity platform for end-to-end communications.

Our applications provide tremendous flexibility to fulfil your operational use cases with business logic customised to your requirements, particularly in Public Safety, Government and Commercial markets.

Deploying integrated solutions
Our portfolio of applications consists of highly configurable modules for:

These proven application components can also be easily configured to operate together in an integrated manner as a single all-embracing solution, deployable in your control room and/or on your field worker devices, e.g., for comprehensive mobile command & control.

Critical information is instantly presented to your operational users, putting control at their finger-tips and enabling efficient execution from the field and optimal decision making in the control room. You will benefit from greatly optimised field force efficiency, improved safety & security and enhanced communications.

Enabling multiple user operations
Portalify solutions also present you with the possibility to fulfil multiple agency information sharing, enabling synchronised joint operations involving different user groups, for example, personnel from counter terrorism, police, fire & rescue authorities etc. can be dispatched quickly enough to enable successful inter-agency operations during mission critical deployments.